Trading Guru John Bollinger Weighs In On BTC Ongoing Rally

Bitcoin (BTC)

John Bollinger, known for his expertise in market analysis, has recently shared his insights on Bitcoin’s current market trajectory, noting that the premier cryptocurrency is exhibiting “signs of strength.” This observation comes when Bitcoin consistently sets new highs amid the ongoing bull run.

The asset has experienced a surge, climbing above $44,000, representing a 4.5% increase over the past 24 hours. It now appears to be aiming for the next resistance level.

Bitcoin Shows Signs Of Strength

John Bollinger, the creator of the renowned Bollinger Bands, a popular technical analysis tool, has applied his methodology to gauge Bitcoin’s market movement. Bollinger Bands are typically used to measure the volatility of a financial instrument.

They consist of a middle band, a simple moving average flanked by two standard deviation lines. These bands adjust with market conditions, widening during volatile periods and contracting during calmer times.

Bollinger’s recent analysis highlights that Bitcoin trades outside its daily and weekly Bollinger Bands. This is particularly noteworthy as it suggests a strong continuation of the current bullish trend without any signs of divergence.

On November 21, a two-bar reversal pattern was noted at the middle Bollinger Band, further reinforcing the strength in Bitcoin’s price action.

Bitcoin’s Price Action: Interpreting The Signs

Bitcoin’s bullish momentum continues unabated, with a near 5% surge in the past 24 hours, pushing past the $44,000 threshold. Interestingly, the cryptocurrency shows no signs of deceleration or immediate pullback.

However, technical analysis on a larger scale suggests that Bitcoin might be approaching a significant retracement zone. On the one-week timeframe, an order block is present between the $48,000 and $50,000 regions.

Bitcoin (BTC) price is moving upwards to an order block at the $48,000 and $50,000 regions on

An order block is essentially a zone where significant buying or selling occurred in the past, leading to a substantial price movement. When the price revisits these blocks, they often act as key levels for potential reversals or trend continuation.

Should Bitcoin climb to this region, a retracement might be on the cards. However, invalidating this order block and continuing its rally might set the stage for a reversal, possibly when it reaches the breaker block around the $60,000 region.

Bitcoin (BTC) price chart on TradingView
Bitcoin (BTC) price is moving upwards to the breaker block at the $60,000 region on

A breaker block is a specific price zone where the market has previously shown a substantial reversal, breaking through a level of resistance or support. These blocks are often seen as potential areas where the price might experience significant movements or change direction. If Bitcoin taps into this breaker block, it could indicate another pivotal moment in its price trajectory.

Featured image from Unsplash, Chart from TradingView